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In a world full of idea’s, thought’s, findings and opinions, we are now connected in more ways than ever before by means of digital technologies.
Through social media, we can connect, engage and share. Using the internet for email, file sharing & research, we can now connect where ever and whenever we need.

In most of our home’s we have a broad range of digital technologies allowing us to exercise our digital fluency (Howell, 2013). From smart phones to laptops, digital tv’s to tablets, in one way or another we are connecting and bridging the divide between our world and the digital world (Howell, 2013)

With our digital world evolving and changing every day, so too is the way we teach and learn. With our students becoming more digitally native (Prensky, 2001 as cited in Howell, 2013 teachers need digital pedagogies to help enrich, engage and support their learning through these means.

As a student myself, I rely heavily on our digital world to help support my learning journey.
I watch lectures online, interact with other students on our discussion boards, I’m able to research and submit all my assessments online. All of this made possible by adapting and becoming a digital native.

Although many children today are born into technology and live a very digitally enriched life, for some this isn’t the case. Remote living, financial implications and cultural differences can all contribute to divide.
However, the kids who are technology rich tend to connect digitally through many mediums daily.

with the use of digital technology, businesses can expand and operate more effectively. Online marketing has enhanced the way we shop bringing the marketplace to our doorstep.
Signing up to mailing lists and business newsletters offer a new platform for companies to reach out to their consumers faster and more effectively.

In the classroom, teachers are also enlisting in digital technology to efficiently engage with students from day to day. Education facilities have equipped the schools with resources like computer labs and IT learning stations in the classrooms. Rolling out into many classrooms you will also find teachers using smart boards replacing the black or white boards we grew up with.

All these wildly effective uses of technology show how we are now a heavily digital world and continue to expand and evolve as a digitally fluent body.


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