Digital identity & digital security

What is digital identity? define it “as an online or networked identity adapted or claimed in cyberspace by individual, organisation or electronic device”. (

What does this mean for us as we create an online digital footprint?
Everything we do online leaves useful data to someone, somewhere out there.
Every page we scroll, blog we sign up to, social network we depend on or shopping experience we indulge in. It all leaves a trace of data.
We create usernames, passwords, secret questions or alternative emails to join these experience online, all leaving behind vital information leaving us vulnerable to identity theft or even a target of online bullying.

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In order to maintain our personal identity and construct a positive digital identity, it is recommended to create a shaped identity in which we filter the amount of information that is shared. This doesn’t mean creating a false identity, it simply means limiting the data released.
When posting online and sharing information digitally, (Siok & Stegman, 2015) encourages adults to discuss with children 5 questions before posting.
What information am I sharing?
How secure is it?
Whom am I sharing it with?
What am I leaving behind?
What are my rights?

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Ways we can avoid our online security being compromised or our identity being stolen, would be to ensure you’re keeping your privacy settings as high as possible. Never disclose your passwords to anybody and change them frequently. When social networking, never befriend anyone you don’t know.
Personal information such as address, mobile phone number, date of birth should also be kept private.
Always report suspicious behaviour.
When engaging socially also, be sure to be mindful of what you’re posting, is it contributing positively? does it need to be said? are you respecting other people’s views?



Cyber Bullying Piktochart

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